hexaOS is an Operating System for Indoor Farming

One software fits all

Jam packed with latest developments in machine learning and agronomy, it monitors, controls, and optimizes commercial indoor farms of any size in real-time.
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How it all works

AI and Software meet Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)

We focus on the software that is intelligent enough to hook into any extisting facilty.

Hardware Agnostic

We can connect our OS to your existing sensors, actuator, or HVAC systems. If needed, we can help you get the right hardware from our partners.

From Seedling to Harvesting

hexaOS tracks and controls your entire operations from germination until harvesting.


Our tech-stack scales can scale from 10 sq. m. to 10k sq.m. production area. You focus on business and sales, while hexaOS aids your team to run guaranteed hyper-efficient production.


You get an active companion for all your plant biology expertise need. hexaOS finds new growing recipes and detects disease days in advance.

Adaptive and Modular

We walk the talk with our selected few customers. We can integrate features and updates in hexaOS faster than the industry status quo.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about hexaOS
What exactly can hexaOS automate for our production facilities?
Literally every thing that affects plant growth- light spectrum and duration, nutrient delivery, nutrient composition, and even the HVAC system.

hexaOS doesn't just automate it, but it makes the control of everything that can affect growth "autonomous". It can take decision by itself and set the right setting depending on your the health and stage of plants in your production.
Can we test hexaOS?
Absolutely! Please write to us at [email protected].
Do I need any plant biology knowledge or knowledge of indoor farming to get started with a commercial vertical indoor farm?
You or your team doesn't need to know anything about plant biology. hexaOS can take care of everything. When needed, we provide your time with the right amount of knowledge and information.

Knowledge of vertical indoor farming is definitely a big plus for any successful vertical indoor farming undertable, but not necessary. Our team can help you get started and also connect you with enthusiastic commercial growers.

Is it possible to use hexaOS for our greenhouses?
hexaOS shines because it can exploit biological optimization with nutrients and light setting in vertical indoor farms where efficiency is a big factor. With greenhouses, the results are not as obvious due to soil medium and lack of artificial light.

For greenhouses, check out our awesome product hexaBM that is used by greenhouses to get very deep insights into their operations and frequency and to save a lot of resource and money.
What is your pricing model?
Standard monthly SaaS subscription. We also provide Enterprise pricing for larger facilties.

Our pricing model is based on the principle that we take certain percentage of the total profit our SaaS lets you drive home.
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