AI-driven Urban Food Production

Unleash the full potential of agriculture with our AI-powered SaaS solution - the smartest brain in the field.

Super Charging ­čÜÇ Food Production

Super. Simple. Farming.
We are redefining commercial food production.
Our customers run farming operations that are fun and profitable to operate.
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Food Production. Digital.

Feeding the World with Software

how to reduce operation cost


AI and IoT sensors keep discovering what a plant needs. Our AI is specialized for greenhouse and indoor farms.


Our SaaS solutions guarantee cost reduction and increased efficiency from the very first harvest.


Our solutions scale for production facilities ranging from 10 sq.m. to 10k sq.m. in size.

Fully Automated

Automate everything- from data collection to nutrient dosing itself. Our goal is to ease the operational pressures of food producers.

Intelligence Beyond Human-Intelligence

Our secret sauce for hyper-efficiency are AI componenets that constantly learn from rich data streams from around farm systems. Our AI surpasses human intelligence when it comes to food production.
intelligence and monitoring plants
Picture of a plant cell under a microscope

Optimizing Plant Biology

We convert raw data from your production that aids us in inferring parameters that enables us to perform biological optimizations previously unthought of at commercial scale.

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