What we do

Supercharging 🚀 indoor farms
to secure urban food production

Indoor farms can be a superb means of sustainable intensive farming at the site of consumption.
Our SaaS optimizes and automates indoor farms to run at crazy great efficiency

It is about time for the next green revolution

Agriculture accounts for 70% of earth’s fresh water consumption. At the current rate of consumption, phosphates, and essential components for plant growth, will not last us more than 60 years. More than half of the world’s population lives in cities, far away from where food is actually produced…

At HexaFarms, we work hand-in-hand with nature and technology to enable anyone to grow a variety of produce at 10x+ efficiency. Our farming systems paired with our intelligent digital systems will enable cities to become net food producers.


Intelligence beyond human-intelligence

Our secret sauce for hyper-efficiency is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that constantly collect a very rich set of information through various sensors around our farm systems to understand the exact needs of every single plant. We are training this AI to surpass human intelligence when it comes to food production.

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Cellular Level Optimizations

With the aid of a totally digital and progressive indoor farming infrastructure, the data collected about plant health and growth enables us to perform optimizations previously unthought of at commercial scale.

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Our Technology Stack


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