Peace of Mind

for Commercial Food Production

Yield forecasts, Disease recognition, Climate monitoring, fruit counting
and much more in only one minute per day

Turn your greenhouse into a spaceship

Track, monitor, optimise, plan, forecast- all in one place.
hexafarms product demo computer

How it works

Plug in your climate computer and watch the magic happen

We connect your farm or greenhouse

Our system can be linked to any climate computer or sensor. Simply let us know what you are using and you can get started today.

Ideal production timeline

Based on your specific cultivar and greenhouse our system will calculate what the ideal production looks like and steer you towards optimal production.

Optimise your harvest

Receive personalised optimisation strategies from our in-house harvest consultants and compare different strategies to find your ideal growth setup.

Measure & learn

Look at the data to see areas where you can still optimise your harvest. Get personalised yield forecasts, energy & human resource consumption overviews, and production scheduling.

Go on the offensive

Recognise and prevent disease and pest outbreaks, detect dry spots, optimise your LED setup, plan production by the minute, and so much more. Take the next step into the future of farming!
 hexafarms Strawberry Segmentation
hexafarms Tomato Segmentation
hexafarms tomatoes
hexafarms Cucumber Greenhouse
Bell Pepper
hexafarms Bell Peppers
hexafarms Vertical System
hexafarms Strawberry Greenhouse
Any Production System.
Any Cultivar.
hexafarms Cucumbers
hexafarms Greenhouse
hexafarms strawberries
hexafarms Lettuce

See all your plants.
At all times.

Our AI uses the historic data of your harvest computer and combines this with the thousands of data points we gather from our sensors and cameras to make sure you focus on what is important, growing.
hexafarms Plant Segmentation

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