We want to change how food is grown

Traditional agriculture was not designed for our times. Currently, food is grown thousands of kilometers away from cities, consume 70% of the available freshwater, and uses up an unacceptable amount of limited natural resources like phosphates.
We want to grow the widest range of highest quality of produce right in our cities. Guess what? Our method is more sustainable and 10-40x more efficient than farming we are used to.

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What We Do

Plant Phenomics

Each plant has a specific phsyical and chemical requirements for its growth. We want to take guessing out of farming, and therefore we are on a mission to to discover the ‘exact’ requirements for our cultivars to save resources and produce the highest quality of produce.

For Everyone

With our optimizations and engineering, we want to bring indoor farming to the forefront of urban food production. Anyone who can peel a potato should be able to successfully and profitably run an indoor farm.

Replacement for traditional farming

We don’t play gimmicks by growing only niche produce to prove profitability because we don’t need to. We can grow not only the widest range of produce indoor, but also are more efficient and profitable than traditional farming.

Constantly Improving

We keep adding newer cultivars to our portfolio- from salads to herbs to mushrooms. At the same time, we have a provable record of reduced resources consumption.

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