Last Edited : Feb 01, 2022

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Has agriculture not already been optimized? After all, it is one of the oldest industries.

Not really. The short-term ‘optimization’ for land based agriculture plateaued after massive application of artificial fertilizers and pesticides. Right now, most industrial farms growing salads and herbs, are spending and wasting way more natural resources than needed.

What is the role of AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

We get it, AI is often misused as a buzzword. We are not doing that, because everything that we do indeed revolves around some novel application of AI and Machine Learning. What we are essentially trying to do is to figure out the optimal growth parameters (more than 10 in our case). Firstly, we are doing it live! As in, our AI learns by growing plants at a massive scale and vice-versa, secondly, we are not just interested in direct correlation of each growing variable with direct plant growth, but their interactions with each other. It is a hard problem for humans to solve, and hence we are using AI techniques.

Where is HexaFarms based at?",

We are based in Saarbreucken, a city located in Southern Germany. The city is in close proximity to France, Luxembourg, and Belgium.


Can we visit your farm?

Please write to us at Generally, we are able to entertain visitors like investors, potential partners, or scientists and researchers.

How can I support HexaFarms

Spread the word, please! We have already achieved a lot of tech-milestones and are ready to take seed funding, so if you’re an investor in hard-tech, please write to us at

Can we buy your produce?

Currently, our entire focus is hitting some benchmarks, so growing a big volume is not our priority right now. But if you visit us, you do get to taste some really tasty salads and herbs.

Are you open to partnerships?

Yes, please write to use at

I don’t get it, do you sell farms, or produce, or rare and expensive plants?

None, at least for another year. Our core competency lies in reaching biological (and operational) optimizations that are yet not mainstream. These optimizations are very challenging to achieve, but that’s what we are here for. Once we are ‘rapidly-scalable’ and stress-test our farm systems enough, only then we will focus on making revenue. Currently, we are in conversation with pilot farms, though. If you ware located in the region, and are interested, we would be able to set up and put your farm in production.

Are you claiming that everything is/ can be growing indoors?

That would be silly. It makes no sense to grow grains in indoor farms, and similarly, it makes no sense to grow fast growing leafy greens and herbs outdoors. We grow what we believe is more efficient to grow indoors (in terms of energy consumed, sustainability, and resource usage).

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